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Bubble cushioning wrap

12" wide x 50' long
Small Bubble Cushioning
to Wrap

12" wide x 100' long
Small Bubble Cushioning
to Wrap

12" wide x 300' long
Small Bubble Cushioning
to Wrap

12 inches wide Perforated at every foot, easy to use. Appropriate to wrap and protect delicate items such as glasses and crystals. A layer of bubble should be put on the bottom of all boxes to cushion and protect the fragile contents. Excellent to fill empty spaces without adding weight to your boxes.

Bubble cushioning wrap

12" wide x 500' long
Small Bubble to Wrap
Cushioning Roll

24" wide x 500' long
Small Bubble to Wrap
Cushioning Roll

48" wide x 500' long
Small Bubble to Wrap
Cushioning Roll

500 ft. roll with 3 different widths for you to choose according to your packing needs. Perforated every 12 in, making it easy to use. Cushioning small bubbles are excellent to protect fragile items. Choose the width according to the size of your items.

Bubble cushioning wrap

12" wide x 50' long
Large Bubble Cushioning
to Wrap

12" wide x 100' long
Large Bubble Cushioning
to Wrap

12" wide x 175' long
Small Bubble Cushioning
to Wrap

12 inches wide Perforated at every foot making it easy to use. Provides great wrapping protection for decoration items, such as porcelains, crystals, ceramics and glasses. A layer of bubble should be placed on the bottom of the boxes to better secure fragile pieces.

Bubble cushioning wrap

12"wide x 250' long
Large Bubble to Wrap
Cushioning Roll

24" wide x 250' long

Large Bubble to Wrap
Cushioning Roll

48" wide x 250' long
Large Bubble to Wrap
Cushioning Roll

250 ft. roll with 3 different widths for you to choose according to your packing needs. Perforated every 12 in for easy separation. Use the width that best wrap your larger items in just one shot. Excellent for packing long and fragile items such as statues, vases, etc.


Wrapping paper

Wrapping Newsprint

White Wrapping Paper
Newsprint Plain
Conveniently pre-cut sheets

5 lbs pack
10 lbs pack
25 lbs bundle

Newsprint Paper, it is the best packing supply to protect dishes and to avoid scratches in metal or wood surfaces, like picture frames, ceramic pots. Newspaper ink will stain your items. Unprinted newsprint paper is clean and comes in easy to use pre-cut sheets. Use White Wrapping Paper to fill empty spaces inside the boxes; it will provide cushioning and protection as well.

Packing tape - moving supplies

Packaging Tape

2"x 55 yards tape roll

Packaging Tape

2"x 110 yards tape roll

2 inches wide clear tape roll General duty packing. Always tape the bottom and the top of the boxes when packing for moving, do not simply fold them. If you are going to box up heavy items, make sure to tape the bottom twice.


Dish pack box Weston moving boxes

Dish Pack Box

Heavy Duty

The Dish Box is a heavy duty box, strong and double walled, great to pack all types of glasses and cups. Use a cell kit for this purpose (see next item below, Cell Kit for Dish Box). It can also be used for large and delicate items that need a strong box for protection. Use a layer of cushioning bubble on the bottom of the Dish Box for extra protection.

Cell kit for dish box packing boxes

Cell Kit for Dish Box

Cardboard Dividers or Cardboard Partition Cells for Glasses, Cups and Bottles

This set of cardboard cells is designed to safely, easily and quickly stack cups and glasses inside the dish box. This kit provides 3 layers of glasses or cups for each dish box. This cell kit can also be used to pack bottles. In this case, we recommend just one layer of bottles in the bottom of the box.


24 short wardrobe box

24" wardrobe box w/Bar

24" x20" x32"

The SHORT wardrobe box is excellent for hangables, specially children clothes. Maximize space inside the short wardrobe box by placing sweaters, T-shirts or shoes in the bottom. Short wardrobe boxes are very useful to pack comforters, towels, sheets and pillows. The use of wardrobe boxes allows the linen closet to be packed really quickly.


24 wardrobe box moving boxes

24" wardrobe box w/ Bar

24" x20" x46"

The full wardrobe box is good for suits and long dresses. Maximize space inside the wardrobe boxes by packing sweaters, shoes, shoe boxes, purses, etc. in the bottom. Full wardrobe boxes hold that big dry plant as well. If the plant is very tall, tape the flaps in the vertical position. Small antiques, delicate chairs and some pieces of furniture can also go inside of a wardrobe.


picture mirror box

Picture / Mirror Box

Picture Carton
Mirror Carton

Adjustable 4-way
Mirror / Picture Carton
Mirror / Picture Box

The picture carton or mirror box is an easy-to-use carton. If the pictures are thin you can put 2 or 3 inside of each box - just place them one against the other. A piece of cardboard between them is recommended to avoid scratches. Standard size mirrors, posters and pictures fit perfectly inside this picture box, which is also called mirror carton.


Mattress box

King or Queen Mattress Boxes

King or Queen Mattress

Pillow Top King Mattress

Pillow Top Queen Mattress

Protect your mattresses with those cardboard boxes. The use of mattress boxes is recommended for long hauls and international shipment. The cardboard mattress box avoid damages to the mattress inside the moving truck, container and storage as well. The King and Queen size mattress box comes in 2 halves.



Mattres carton - packing supplies

Full or Twin Mattress Cartons

Full Mattress Box

Twin Mattress Box

The Full and Twin size mattress carton comes in one piece box.


Filing box similar to Bankers Boxes®

File Box

Filing Box similar to Bankers Boxes®
Document Box
Bottom and Lid

For office filing, file storing, packing and organizing letter size documents. The file box has a bottom and a separate lid.


Legal tote office paper box similar to Bankers Boxes®

Legal Tote Box

Office Box also similar to Bankers Boxes®

The legal tote box is larger than the filing box, making it ideal for office filing, file storing, packing and organizing home and office documents and papers. The legal tote box is a one piece filing box.

Large Box

X-Large Box

The extra large box is ideal for packing big and light items. Do not use the x-large box to pack heavy items - it can become too heavy to be lifted. If the XL box is stacked on top of other boxes, its weight can crush the boxes that are underneath. Use the X large carton for pillows, stuffed animals instead. When you pack a large item, make sure to pack it alone, cushioning with styrofoam peanuts or bubble cushioning wrap.

Extra Large Box

Large Box - Tall or Shallow


The large box is ideal for light items, stuffed animals, pillows, linen, blankets, comforters, lamp shades. Fill the large carton with lighter items or it will be too heavy to carry and to pile.


Medium Box Miami moving supplies

Medium Box


Ideal for pots, pans, large electronics, shoes, clothes. The base of the medium, large and dish boxes are the same. It is recommended to stack compatible sized boxes inside of the truck or container. This compatibility optimizes horizontal and vertical space inside of the truck or container. If a smaller box is stacked on top of a medium box, can cause the medium box to cave in and its contents damaged.


Small Box Fort Lauderdale

Small Box / Book Carton


The book box size is ideal for packing books, dishes, canned goods, preserve glasses, heavy objects and china. When you are packing, you have to move the boxes around, and you shouldn't be carrying heavy boxes. Breakable items like dishes and decoration items shouldn't be concentrated in one box to avoid damage - the more you split the items, the more likely they will be protected.


Lamp box moving supplies

Lamp Box

The lamp box is excellent for fast and securely packing the table lamps, floor lamps, table legs and any other long delicate item such as dry plants. The lamp box is very versatile: golf clubs, umbrellas, large blue-print packs can also be packed in a lamp box.

Microwave Box

Microwave Box


This double walled box is excellent to pack the microwave, the computer CPU, speakers, small TVs, large printers, small kitchen appliances. It can also be used to protect large and fragile items.

Electronics Box and electronics carton

Electronics Box


This double walled box is ideal to protect your electronics, such as DVD players, Tivos, printers, faxes, etc. This box also holds small kitchen appliances.

Peanuts styrofoam bag

Styrofoam Packing Peanuts
20 cu. ft. bag

Styrofoam Packing Peanuts
10 cu. ft. bag

The packing peanut is ideal for cushioning, stabilizing and protecting fragile items inside of boxes. How to use peanuts: Put together a box, put a layer of peanuts. Place the item in the middle of the box and throw the peanuts around it, until the box is full. Make sure it is snug and then close and tape the box.

Chair plastic cover - packing supplies

02 Chair Plastic Covers

covers 2 chairs per pack

Pack with 2 Chair Plastic Bags This plastic bag protects the chairs when you are moving or when you are painting you home.


Plastic Sofa Cover

Sofa Plastic Cover


xcellent to protect couches and sofas against dirt, dust and water during storage or along the move. This plastic cover can also be used to protect couches and sofas when the house is being painted.


Mattress plastic bag mattress plastic cover packing supplies

Mattress Plastic Bags / Covers

King Mattress Plastic
Queen Mattress Plastic
Full Mattress Plastic
Twin Mattress Plastic

Those plastic bags protect the mattresses whether they are on the storage floor, inside the moving van or when it is raining in your moving day. The mattress plastic cover is affordable and easy to use. Plastic mattress bags will keep your mattresses clean and dry.


Styrofoam pouches for packing dishes Miami moving supplies

Dish Kit Cushioning Pouches


Excellent for packing plates, saucers and salad bowls. This kit holds 6 plate settings. Designed for use with a 1.5 cube small box or book box.


Glass Styrofoam Pouches

Glass Kit Cushioning Pouches


Excellent for packing different types of glasses, such as wine glasses, water glasses, flutes, etc. This kit holds 12-24 glasses . Designed for use with a 1.5 cube small box or book box.

3 ply paper pad moving and packing supplies

3 Ply Paper Pad

to wrap furniture
Paper Moving Pad

This paper pad is ideal to protect furniture inside storage units, PODS or any other portable container. The paper pad is much cheaper than renting moving pads. At the end of the move you can re-fold them and save for the next time.


Shrink wrap film packing supplies

Stretch Plastic / Shrink Wrap Film

18" x 1500' roll

15" x 1500' roll

This shrink-wrap film roll comes in 2 professional sizes, 15 in or 18 in wide. The stretch plastic is a must in any professional furniture wrapping. There is no glue in it. The shrink wrap just sticks by the contact of plastic against plastic. For better protect the furniture, the stretch film should be used on top of a paper pad or moving pad.

Shrink wrap dispenser or Stretch wrap dispenser

Stretch Wrap Film Dispenser
Shrink wrap hand saver

Light and easy to use shrink-wrap dispenser. You just place one in each side of the stretch plastic roll. The use of the dispenser makes the furniture wrapping faster and easier. Save your hands using the dispenser.


Shrink wrap 5 in handle

Stretch Wrap Film w/ Dispenser

5" x 1,000' roll

Shrink wrap your items with this easy-to-use stretch film with handle. This shrink-wrap is specially useful for wrapping small and long thin items

Tape gun moving and packing supplies

Tape Gun

fits 55 yd. and 110 yd. tape

Tape up the boxes in a fast and reliable way with this tape gun. It has a nice grip. This tape gun holds both the 55 yard and the 110 yard packing tape rolls.

Moving pad furniture protection packing supplies

Moving Pad / Furniture Blanket

to wrap and protect furniture
Standard grade
72"x 80"

Our moving pad is a standard grade, ideal for wrapping furniture that will go inside of trucks and containers. For extra protection, wrap the piece with the moving blanket and then apply the shrink wrap. Colors and sewing design may vary.

Corrugated cardboard roll packing supplies

Corrugated Cardboard Roll

36" x 250' Corrugated
Cardboard Roll

48" x 250' Corrugated
Cardboard Roll

60" x 250' Corrugated
Cardboard Roll

One side is made of straight cardboard and the other side is made of wavy cardboard. This corrugated cardboard is very useful to protect long items, furniture, equipment, etc.. Applying shrink-wrap on top of the cardboard makes the wrapping better and more secure. The corrugated cardboard roll comes in 3 different widths, for you to choose the one that better fits your needs.

Plasma TV box and moving supplies Miami

Plasma TV Boxes

Protect your flat screen TV

60 in TV box
60" x 12" x 37"

42 in TV box
45" x 8" x 30"

These plasma TV boxes are ideal to protect your plasma TV or your flat screen TV. You can use the plasma TV boxes along with bubble wrap and or styrofoam peanuts. Double walled plasma TV boxes for 2 TV sizes: 60" or 42".

Kraft Paper or brown  paper in Miami

Kraft Paper Roll or Brown
Paper Roll

36" x 575'
48" x 575'
60" x 575'

The kraft paper is used to wrap items during your packing such as pictures, rugs, portraits, electronics and more. You can also use it to cushion or stabilize items inside of your moving boxes, and to protect hallway floors as well.

Poly mask carpet protection moving supplies Miami

Golf Club Box / Golf Club Carton

Protection for golf clubs and bags
12" x 12" x 54"

This golf club box is very useful to protect your golf club bags / cases or just the golf clubs. The golf box can also hold fishing rods or any other long and delicate items.

Poly mask carpet protection moving supplies Miami

Plastic Poly Mask Roll

Plastic Carpet Protection and Shield
30" x 200' roll


This carpet shield poly mask roll is a efficient temporary protection for carpets, corridors and stairways. One of its side is slightly sticky, which is very convenient for holding up to the carpets.

E Container Box and supplies Miami

E-Container Box - SUPER BIG
D-Container Box - SUPER SIZED

Large corrugated E container
41" x 28" x 24"
Large corrugated D container
58" x 41" x 45"

Our E-Container comes flat like an empty box.
E-Container price does not include pallet. D-Container supersized

The E container box is a very big box designed to hold smaller boxes, scattered small items, shoe boxes, and whatever light items you may think of. Many times E-container boxes are used to be stacked on top of a pallet. Our E container price does NOT include a pallet.
The D container box is a ultra big box designed to hold smaller boxes, scattered small items, shoe boxes, chandeliers, and whatever items you may think of. Many times D-container boxes are carried on top of a pallet. Our D container does NOT include a pallet.

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